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American Democracy and CitizenshipMark Ellickson

American Democracy and Citizenship

A Reader (First Edition)
Edited by Mark Ellickson, Ph.D.

Paperback ISBN: 978-1-63487-893-7, 88 pages


American Democracy and Citizenship: A Reader uses thought-provoking contemporary articles and book chapters by well-known authors and political commentators to address a wide variety of subjects—some controversial—in American government.

Students will explore topics such as citizenship, constitutional foundations, federalism, and civil liberties. Reading selections also examine civil rights, political participation and voting behavior, and public opinion and political socialization. Students will learn about the important role interest groups play in politics and expand their understanding of congress, the presidency, and the judiciary.

With its fresh take on familiar institutions and ideas, American Democracy and Citizenship is designed to spark interest and generate debate. The book serves as an ideal companion reader to standard textbooks for introductory American government courses.

Mark Ellickson holds a Ph.D. from Southern Illinois University – Carbondale. A professor of political science at Missouri State University, his course offerings include American government, quantitative methods and organizational behavior. A past recipient of the University Award for Research, Dr. Ellickson’s research interests have focused primarily on state legislative politics, where he has published articles in journals such as Legislative Studies Quarterly, Women & Politics, The American Review of Politics, Politics & Policy, Political Research Quarterly, Journal of Political Science, State and Local Government Review, and Public Personnel Management.