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America TodayAntonio Campbell

America Today

Political Theory and Practical Politics (First Edition)
Edited by Antonio Campbell

Paperback ISBN: 978-1-63189-098-7, 414 pages


America Today: Political Theory and Practical Politics helps students make connections between political theory and the real world politics of 21st Century America. The readings are presented from the perspective that while the parameters of modern citizenship may have changed, the questions of the great political theorists remain as salient as ever.

The text presents a variety of writings ranging from Plato’s Republic to Friedrich von Hayek’s A Road to Serfdom. These works question the role of the federal government and how it creates opportunities for citizens to live the best possible lives. They also explore how these questions have been responded to throughout history.

In working through the anthology, students will explore the nature of human beings, and how people should live together to form a society that successfully balances liberty and security.

America Today is suited to courses in political science, pre-law, and history. It can also serve as a supplemental reader for classes in philosophy, sociology, and interdisciplinary studies.

Antonio Campbell has spent over three decades in the political sphere including working on Capitol Hill and serving as an appointee in the administration of President George W. Bush. Now a political science faculty member at Towson University, Campbell teaches courses in political theory, American government, urban politics, and religion and politics. He has served as honorary state-wide chairman of the Maryland 2012 Referendum Project and is currently a member of the National Governing Board for Republicans for Black Empowerment and chairman of the Black Republican Council for the Maryland Republican Party. Campbell's unique and informed perspective is a reflection of his real-world political experience and his knowledge of political theory.

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