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A Trek through Texas GovernmentFloyd Holder

A Trek through Texas Government

(First Edition)
by Floyd William Holder IV

Paperback ISBN: 978-1-63189-538-8, 414 pages


Rather than standard textbooks, which are often written as expanded outlines, A Trek through Texas Government is a textbook in narrative form. This travel adventure tale allows readers to move across geography and through time to learn about the history and government of Texas. The story encompasses everything from a “tour” of the capitol to exploring Texas iconography to concise explanations of municipal, county, special district, and state-wide governmental structure.

Students learn the political and cultural history of Texas, state demographics, special interests, and how public moneys are raised and spent. In addition, A Trek through Texas Government enables students to compare and contrast the government of Texas with the federal government. Readers learn about Federalism, The Constitution, federal laws that apply within the state itself, and the rarely discussed presence of the foreign governing entities within the state.

Offering an engaging alternative to traditional history and government texts, A Trek through Texas Government is suitable for courses in the history, government, and unique culture of the state.

Floyd William Holder IV holds a master's degree in public administration from Texas State University and a second master's degree in political science from Texas Tech University. As an assistant professor of social sciences at Western Texas College, his courses center on the development of the federal and Texas state governments. Professor Holder has served as a reviewer for the Journal of South Texas, as well as for the textbooks Texas Politics Today and Lone Star Politics. He has made presentations to the Kleberg County Historical Society on passport issues and the relationship between history, travel, and memorabilia. He has extensive travel experience and civic participation in twenty countries on five continents, and is an active member of the Snyder Rotary Club.