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The U.S., Japan, and Asia in International Politics (Second Edition)Andrew Hanami

The U.S., Japan, and Asia in International Politics

(Second Edition)
By Andrew Hanami

Paperback ISBN: 978-1-60927-317-0, 290 pages


The United States needs to understand each of the many Asian states in detail: while there are similarities, they all have situations that are difficult to compare. The U.S., Japan, and Asia in International Politics focuses on U.S. interests in Asia in its broadest contours—from Japan, China, and the Koreas in the east; a discussion of India in the south; and also to Afghanistan and Pakistan in the west. This book also treats Russia as an Asia–Pacific power.

Author Andrew K. Hanami examines the economic, financial, trade, and security issue differences in the region. Washington is rushing to find a balance in its foreign policy goals among the differing Asia–Pacific states through such measures as: erecting trade corridors, enacting bilateral arrangements, deploying troops, and pursuing a cycle of encirclement and openness as the administration searches for stability and prosperity.

This text explores if U.S. policy is improving on the problems found in a suddenly larger Asia, or in some way compounding them.

Andrew K. Hanami received his Ph.D. from the University of California, Berkeley, in 1987. He taught at the School of International Studies, Stockton, California from 1987–1990, and now teaches in the International Relations Department at San Francisco State University. He has made research trips to China, Japan, Russia, and England. He is author of Perspectives on Structural Realism (2003), War, Peace and Power in the Post Cold War Era (1997), and The Military Might of Modern Japan (1995). He has also written a dozen articles and chapters in various journals and books, including Asian Survey, Armed Forces and Society, and the Journal of East Asian Affairs. Professor Hanami teaches U.S. Foreign Policy, U.S.–Japan Politics, Strategy and War, as well as graduate seminars on Japan, Asia, and International Security. He resides in Berkeley, California.