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South AfricaGodfrey Vincent, Joe Jimmeh, and Lisa Bratton

South Africa

Past, Present, and Future (First Edition)
Edited by Godfrey Vincent, Joe Jimmeh, and Lisa Bratton

Paperback ISBN: 978-1-63189-678-1, 320 pages


South Africa: Past, Present, and Future generates discussion and interest in a country that is rich in both material and cultural resources. The anthology provides a well-rounded look at South Africa from diverse perspectives, and places South Africans at the center of their history.

The three sections of the book detail the history of South Africa including its historical and cultural roots as a great country within the family of nations, apartheid and its collapse, and the country after apartheid as South Africans struggle to reconcile and reconstruct a democratic "Rainbow Nation."

The selected readings address a variety of topics including the land reform crisis, the fight for justice for women, the role of capitalism, and South Africa's political parties. Each selection is framed by an original introduction to contextualize the readings, post-reading commentary, and review questions.

South Africa: Past, Present, and Future offers readers in-depth, accurate information. The anthology is designed for courses that study the history and politics of the country and the region. It is also an excellent text for courses that examine the relationship between the United States and South Africa.

Godfrey Vincent holds a Ph.D. from Morgan State University in Baltimore, Maryland. He is an assistant professor of history and the interim chair of the Department of History and Political Science at Tuskegee University. His research focuses on neo-liberal globalization, social movements and change, and new forms of labor organizations and struggles.
Joe B. Jimmeh earned his Ph.D. in international relations at Syracuse University. He teaches in the history and political science department at Tuskegee University and serves as interim assistant dean of the College of Arts and Sciences. Dr. Jimmeh's research interests include Liberia and Africa and the politics of development and social change in developing countries.
Lisa Bratton earned her Ph.D. in African American studies at Temple University. Currently she teaches African American studies and world history at Tuskegee University. Her research interests include her great-great-grandparents who were enslaved at Historic Brattonsville and went on to become the first African American landowners in York County, South Carolina.

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