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Global Rights and PerceptionsAvantika Rohatgi

Global Rights and Perceptions

Call to Awareness and Action (Second Edition)
Edited by Avantika Rohatgi

Paperback ISBN: 978-1-63487-356-7, 196 pages


The readings by prominent literary authors and journalists chosen for the anthology Global Rights and Perceptions: Call to Awareness and Action highlight the many ways in which human rights are being violated through practices such as human trafficking, intellectual piracy, organ trade, and female feticide.

In Global Rights and Perceptions: Call to Awareness and Action students read from a wide variety of original sources — foreign policy journals, non-fiction books, medical journals, and current affairs magazines, including the New Statesman, the Journal of Medical Ethics, Foreign Policy, and the Journal of American and Comparative Culture. The textbook also includes representative student papers on global issues to stimulate students’ imaginations and exemplify compelling writing strategies. This varied exposure gives students several gateways through which to approach complex social issues and raises awareness about how widespread these issues are and how seriously they are being considered by academic, journalistic, literary, and social entities.

Avantika Rohatgi holds a Ph.D. in American Literature, along with master’s degrees in English and applied linguistics. Dr. Rohatgi currently teaches writing and literature in the Department of English and Comparative Literature at San Jose State University. She has also taught at Santa Clara University, Indiana-Purdue University, and Butler University. Her course offerings have included world and multicultural literature, film and gender studies, and children’s, women's, and non-western literature. Dr. Rohatgi has developed and currently teaches courses based on human rights and global citizenship.