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Resource Measurements and Mapping Alexandra Locher

Resource Measurements and Mapping

A Goal-Based Approach (First Edition)
Alexandra Locher

Paperback ISBN: 978-1-63487-678-0, 158 pages


Resources Measurements and Mapping: A Goal-Based Approach gives students a foundation in the important technical and analytical skills required to succeed in natural resources professions. Designed to function as a foundational textbook and workbook, it focuses on skill development, application, and problem-solving.

Students learn about navigation and map-reading, compass use, topographic surveying, and vegetation sampling and analysis. They develop the preliminary spatial skills required for both Global Positioning Systems and Geographic Information Systems. They also become familiar with land cover classification.

While many standard texts in the discipline are highly technical, Resource Measurement and Mapping focuses on field work and data analysis and emphasizes the practical skill sets that employers look for. It is well-suited to courses in earth and environmental science, field methods, geography, and natural resources management. The book can also serve as a reference guide for professionals in the field.

Alexandra Locher earned her Ph.D. in fisheries and wildlife at Michigan State University, East Lansing. Dr. Locher is an associate professor of biology and natural resource management at Grand Valley State University. Her professional writing has appeared in the Journal of Wildlife Management, the Journal of Applied Forestry, and the Wilson Journal of Ornithology. She has received numerous grants for her research, including those from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and the U.S. Forest Service. She is particularly interested in the ways forest management practices impact wildlife species and communities.