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The Female FactorEdited by Ingrad C. Smith
    Print $88.95 $70.95

The Female Factor

An Anthology of Critical Issues Facing Women
Edited by Ingrad C. Smith

Paperback ISBN: 978-1-93555-116-4, 210 pages


Just as The View brought the female perspective to television, The Female Factor brings the female voice to the college classroom. This book allows women to have scholarly discourse about issues that are critical to them. From rural case studies about single welfare mothers, to globalization and transnational feminist networks, women are determined to be heard. This book provides both the incentive and the direction for challenging, insightful, and inspiring discussions that will motivate women to become actively involved in creating a more peaceful world. It is more than a textbook; it is a collection of riveting articles designed to encourage women to not just speak up, but to finally speak out.


Ingrad Smith, Ph.D., is Associate Dean of the College of Education and Human Development and Associate Professor of Educational Leadership at Jackson State University. She has served as an Assistant Professor of Educational Leadership at Mississippi State University and Director of Partners in Progress in the Division of Undergraduate Studies at Florida International University. She presently serves as Executive Director of the Association for Rural Education Policy and Practice. Dr. Smith holds a B.A. in English, a M.S. in Adult Education from Florida International University, and a Ph.D. in Educational Administration with an emphasis in school violence from Jackson State University. She is also the author of The Teaching Game: A Psychological Approach to Student Learning and Poor School Performance (Horizons).

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