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Gender Matters: Truths and Consequences (Revised First Edition)Sarah M. Pitcher
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Gender Matters

Truths and Consequences (Revised First Edition)
Edited by Sarah M. Pitcher

Paperback ISBN: 978-1-60927-639-3, 236 pages


Coming Soon
The Second Edition will be published Spring 2017. ISBN: 978-1-5165-1087-0

When I look at a statistic stating that reported rape in the U.S. happens to 1 in every 4 women, I am reminded that gender matters. From the moment we are conscious in this world, we are told that who we are is intimately tied to our biology. Subsequently, we are led along a particular path of gender construction (which needs daily maintenance and support). This path can be liberating and it can be playful; it can also be hurtful and destructive. Often this path is all of these things for all of us. This reader serves as an introduction to the how, why, and the so what of "gender" through academic study. Each of the sections of this reader are set up to engage the reader to explore further her or his intimate and public lives through an examination of gender, sex, sexuality, patriarchy, and feminism. Through this examination, we can then begin to make a choice about whether and how gender construction matters to us and the role we play in its maintenance, reification, and possible resistance. Hopefully, for you, gender will begin to matter, if it doesn’t already.

Sarah M. Pitcher is a daughter, a sister, an aunt, a friend, a Feminist and a Sociologist. Born and raised in Southern California, Sarah received her BA from CSU Fresno and her MA and Ph.D. from Syracuse University. Sociology, joined with teaching, is her passion. She is a charismatic teacher whose unique teaching style challenges her students to actively participate in their own instruction through engaged pedagogical practices. For her, sociology is a discipline that requires practice. It not only needs to be studied, but "played with". Throughout her over 15 years of teaching, she has worked to make sociology not only fun and engaging for students, but also a form of active critical thought about our social world. Currently she is an Associate Professor of Sociology at a very diverse, urban community college in San Diego.

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