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Essential Readings in Human SexualityJan Campbell
    Print $92.95 $73.95

Essential Readings in Human Sexuality

(Revised First Edition)
Edited by Jan Campbell

Paperback ISBN: 978-1-62131-924-5, 414 pages


Over the last one hundred years there have been vast, dynamic changes in how we see sexual and social norms. Essential Readings in Human Sexuality is intended to raise consciousness, foster healthy debate, and expose readers to different perspectives regarding issues in human sexuality.

Designed to complement standard texts in the field, this anthology provides substantive material on issues not always adequately covered in one semester courses. The selected articles are current and comprehensive, and engage readers in critical thinking, asking them to view topics in ways they may not have considered previously.

The material examines the timeline and perspective of societal events in sexuality development, and addresses global perspectives of sexual norms. Topics covered include:
  • The Commerce of Sex
  • Meanness, Violence, and Gender
  • Sexual Abuse within Families
  • Sex Trafficking and Prostitution
  • Culture and Paraphilia
  • Inter-sexuality
The content of Essential Readings in Human Sexuality matches the topics presented in major human sexuality texts for the college market. In addition to courses on human sexuality, the book can be used in health science, sociology, and psychology classes.

Janell Campbell Jan Campbell received her Masters degree (M.A.) in Health and Community Services (Health Science) and Sociology. She has taught at the community college and university level for 37 years. She considers teaching human sexuality as a primer for students to learn about decision-making in many areas of their relationships and has learned about valuable ideas, cultural differences, and values regarding human behavior from her students. The course has provided them with tools for gaining accurate, adequate, and current information and is intended to aid in developing life-long learning.