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Psychology Perspectives for the Chicano and Latino FamilyYvette Flores

Psychology Perspectives for the Chicano and Latino Family

(First Edition)
By Yvette Flores

Paperback ISBN: 978-1-63189-108-3, 146 pages


Firmly grounded in family psychology, Psychological Perspectives for the Chicano and Latino Family explores key issues affecting the psychology and well-being of Chicano and Latino families – the fastest growing ethnic group in the United States.

The book provides lifecycle perspective and analyzes Latino families through diverse theoretical models and foregrounds gender and sexuality as important components of being and experience. It gives readers an overview of major issues affecting Latino families today. It reviews theories that explain how migration and its legacy impact family patterns and highlights how various factors influence gender roles, parenting styles, and power structures within families across generations.

Psychological Perspectives for the Chicano and Latino Family is a thought-provoking text for use in courses on Chicana/o studies, Latino studies, and women and gender studies. It can also be used in any course addressing diverse family structures in the United States.

A native of Panama who was raised in Costa Rica, Dr. Yvette Flores came to the United States as a teenager. She attended universities in California, earning her Ph.D in clinical psychology from the University of California, Berkeley. Dr. Flores has worked for over three decades as a licensed and research psychologist, and she is also a faculty member in Chicana and Chicano studies at the University of California, Davis. Dr. Flores emphasizes gender, sexuality, and ethnicity in her clinical, research, and teaching practices. She is currently researching men’s mental health on both sides of the border.