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Koreans in America: History, Identity, and Community (Revised First Edition)Grace J. Yoo

Koreans in America

History, Identity, and Community (Revised First Edition)
Edited by Grace J. Yoo

Paperback ISBN: 978-1-62131-395-3, 416 pages


Grace Yoo's book provides a lively introduction to historical and contemporary Korean American issues, tracing the contours and topography of the field by offering a variety of short essays by Korean American scholars and community activists on a wide range of topics
Elaine Kim
Professor of Asian American and Asian Diaspora Studies
University of California, Berkeley

This book presents a wide-ranging overview of the contemporary and historical state of the field in Korean American studies that is sure to engage the students with its variety of topics and source materials. It will serve admirably as a text in courses on Asian American or Korean American studies and will no doubt take its place as one of the standard works in the field.
Wayne Patterson
Professor of History, St. Norbert College

Grace Yoo has brought together a vibrant group of Korean American scholars and activists who artfully and eloquently document the transformation of Korean American communities in the United States. The interdisciplinary look at Korean American history, identity, family, and communities frames the importance of space and place for Korean Americans.
Mary Yu Danico
Professor of Sociology, Cal Poly Pomona

Koreans in America: History, Identity, and Community carefully documents and examines the shifts within the Korean American communities over the past 100+ years. Using cutting-edge, original essays from U.S. scholars and activists in a variety of fields, this collection covers a wide range of topics relevant to the study of Korean Americans. In addition to providing a historical background, this text also explores changing demographics, immigration patterns, identity, family, arts and culture, and community and activism. Study questions are incorporated throughout the text to encourage critical thinking and discussion among students. Informational sidebars and cartoons are also used to create an engaging reading experience. Koreans in America brings "voice" to the histories, experiences, and changes happening among Koreans in America today.

Grace Yoo Grace J. Yoo is a professor of Asian American Studies at San Francisco State University. For the last 15 years, she has been teaching, researching, and writing about issues within the Korean American community. Her work has appeared in publications such as Journal of Cross Cultural Gerontology, Ethnicity and Health, Peace Review, and Asian American Policy Review. She is the co-editor of The Encyclopedia of Asian American Issues Today and Handbook of Asian American Health. Professor Yoo made her debut in documentary filmmaking with Stories Untold: Memories of Korean War Survivors.