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Issues and Challenges of the American Rural SouthAndrew Zekeri

Issues and Challenges of the American Rural South

(First Edition)
By Andrew A. Zekeri

Paperback ISBN: 978-1-62661-772-8, 262 pages


The carefully selected readings and articles in Issues and Challenges of the American Rural South educate students about the social problems that negatively impact a significant segment of the population in this region.

The book fills a gap in the field, where most standard textbooks do not devote intensive study to this specific region and those who make their lives there. Part I of the text provides a general overview of poverty in the rural south and its impact on those who are marginalized. Part II uses the voices of poor and HIV-positive African Americans to examine health disparities and inequality.

Parts III and IV explore the long-lasting impact of Hurricane Katrina and the subsequent community development efforts. Part V addresses education issues including essential competencies and skills, post-university income attainment, and agriculturally related jobs.

Based on over two decades of research, Issues and Challenges of the American Rural South was written for upper-division and graduate-level courses in rural sociology, race relations, and social problems and issues. The material is widely applicable to courses in African American studies departments and can also be used in sociology and social work programs.

Andrew Zekeri earned his Ph.D. at The Pennsylvania State University, University Park. Dr. Zekeri is a professor of sociology in the Department of Psychology and Sociology at Tuskegee University, where his current research foci include community economic development strategies, rural poverty, conspiracy theory about HIV/AIDS, and food insecurity. He is the author of numerous peer-reviewed articles, with work appearing in Psychological Reports and the Journal of Rural Social Sciences. Dr. Zekeri is currently working with some of his colleagues to develop a community-based epidemiological research of health model in order to study HIV/AIDS in the Black Belt counties of Alabama.