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MicroeconomicsTOM RUSTICI
    Print $156.95 $124.95


A Free Market Approach
Edited by Thomas Rustici, Carrie Milton, and Nathanael Snow

Paperback ISBN: 978-1-93555-111-9, 626 pages


This book provides the instructor with a comprehensive collection of supplemental essays to assign alongside normal textbook work. The readings are arranged according to the normal introduction of concepts in the principles of microeconomics curriculum. Each section includes simple essays which may excite the student's imagination and prompt them into the economic way of thinking, as well as more challenging articles for the advanced student wanting more. Each contribution has been carefully selected for its clarity, applicability, accessibility, and good use of theory.

The careful reader will be prompted to:

  • Observe economics in action in their daily lives
  • Apply the lessons to personal decisions
  • Direct their analysis of public policy

Carrie Milton and Nathanael Snow are graduate students in Economics at George Mason University.

Dr. Thomas C. Rustici was the Freedom Professor of Economics at the Fund for American Studies, Georgetown University. He is currently an assistant professor of economics and the Associate Director of Undergraduate Studies in Economics at George Mason University.

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