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MacroeconomicsThomas Rustici, James Caton, Dima Shamoun, Ted Shamoun


The Monetary Foundations of the Macroeconomy Volume I (First Edition)
Edited by Thomas Rustici, James Caton, Dima Shamoun, Theo Shamoun

Paperback ISBN: 978-1-63487-013-9, 506 pages


The book contains an amazing range of classical pieces on macroeconomics as well as the microeconomics underpinnings of money and macro.—Scott Sumner Ph.D., Bentley University, The Money Illusion blog

In this two-volume collection, [the authors] have gathered many of the ‘greatest hits’ of macroeconomics, and smartly supplemented them with excellent but less-known pieces and their own helpful contributions.—Lawrence White, Ph.D., George Mason University, The Clash of Economic Ideas: The Great Policy Debates and Experiments of the Last Hundred Years

The essays featured in Macroeconomics: The Monetary Foundations of the Macroeconomy, Volume I come from a broad range of pre-Keynesian classical thinkers. They represent differing traditions, primarily the divide between a more monetarist approach and the Austrian school, which is reflected in their views on capital theory, interest rates, price level effects, and sometimes in the study of institutions and public policy.

This book is designed to be used with Macroeconomics: Past and Present, Volume 2.

Dr. Thomas C. Rustici was the Freedom Professor of Economics at the Fund for American Studies, Georgetown University. He is currently an assistant professor of economics and the Associate Director of Undergraduate Studies in Economics at George Mason University.
Dima Yazji Shamoun is a research fellow with the Regulatory Studies Program at the Mercatus Center. She earned her Ph.D. in economics from George Mason University.
James Caton is a graduate teaching assistant and Ph.D. candidate in the economics program at George Mason University.
Theo Shamoun earned both his B.A., summa cum laude, and M.A. degrees in economics from George Mason University.

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