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Drug Cartel and Gang Violence in Mexico and Central AmericaRobert O. Kirkland

Drug Cartel and Gang Violence in Mexico and Central America

A Concise Introduction (Revised First Edition)
Robert O. Kirkland

Paperback ISBN: 978-1-63487-041-2, 112 pages


Drug Cartel and Gang Violence in Mexico and Central America: A Concise Introduction gives readers an overview of the issues associated with drugs, cartels, and gangs in Mexico and Central America. The readings are based on years of field research and interviews with regional leaders and local actors.

Drug Cartel and Gang Violence in Mexico and Central America covers topics such as the history and growth of Mexican drug cartels and the central role corruption plays in facilitating drug trafficking while simultaneously debilitating the Mexican state’s efforts to confront them. The rise of Mexican community-based crime fighting is also discussed, as well as the changing role of Central American gangs, particularly in their relationship with Mexican drug-trafficking organizations. This edition features updated information on Mexican drug cartels and Central American gangs and new material explores generational gangs and insurgency.

Compact, yet packed with information and insight, Drug Cartel and Gang Violence in Mexican and Central America can be used in courses on criminal justice, homeland security, and Latin American studies.

Robert O. Kirkland, Lieutenant Colonel, United States Army (retired) graduated from the United States Military Academy, West Point and then earned a Ph.D. in Latin American history from the University of Pittsburgh. Dr. Kirkland has served as a Latin American foreign area officer and an analyst for Mexico and Central America. Currently he is the coordinator of homeland security studies for Union Institute and University. The author of numerous journal articles, he has also appeared on the History Channel, the Biography Channel, and has been quoted as an expert on security issues by media outlets including the Associated Press and Reuters.

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