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Dealing with Critical IncidentsRobert Kirkland

Dealing with Critical Incidents

The Importance of Media Relations and Stress Management (First Edition)
Edited by Robert Kirkland

Paperback ISBN: 978-1-63487-989-7, 88 pages


Developed for law enforcement training, the anthology Dealing with Critical Incidents: The Importance of Media Relations and Stress Management emphasizes the importance of stress management and media relations when dealing with critical incidents ranging from natural disasters to workplace violence.

The first section of the text is devoted to media relations. Students learn about the police perspective on police-media relations, particularly when crimes are often covered in prime time. They see a response model for public relations management during incidents, and read interviews from the scene of a real-world critical incident. In the second section, readers study stress management on police officers. They learn how to manage resilience, become familiar with current best practices for coping with major incidents, and read about the FBI's stress management program.

Dealing with Critical Incidents provides the tactical direction needed to prevent, contain, and resolve private and public sector emergencies efficiently and effectively. Readers learn to create effective media emergency response plans and how to mitigate the impact of traumatic incidents on emergency response personnel. The book is an excellent resource for law enforcement training courses on the subject.

Robert O. Kirkland, Lieutenant Colonel, United States Army (retired) graduated from the United States Military Academy, West Point and then earned a Ph.D. in Latin American history from the University of Pittsburgh. Dr. Kirkland has served as a Latin American foreign area officer and an analyst for Mexico and Central America. Currently he is the coordinator of homeland security studies for Union Institute and University. The author of numerous journal articles, he has also appeared on the History Channel, the Biography Channel, and has been quoted as an expert on security issues by media outlets including the Associated Press and Reuters.

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