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Criminological TheoryEdited by Sarah Catherine Yercich
    Print $118.95 $94.95

Criminological Theory

Sociological and Critical Perspectives
Edited by Sarah Catherine Yercich

Paperback ISBN: 978-1-60927-166-4, 374 pages


The anthology Criminological Theory provides a comprehensive, multidimensional look at theories on crime and deviancy. Incorporating material from a diverse selection of authors and researchers, each section of the text examines various eras and schools of thought in the field of criminology.

The text helps students gain a deep understanding of numerous criminological theories, and gives them the skills to evaluate competing perspectives on these theories. Discussion questions throughout the text encourage students to reflect on how each selection fits into the larger themes of the book.

Beginning with a discussion of the fundamentals and historical development of criminology, the book moves on to examine the classical and positivistic schools of thought. Subsequent sections address social and environmental explanations for criminality. Theories on anomie and strain provide the context for understanding how modernization and an inability to attain the stereotypical American dream can assist in explaining criminal behavior. Of particular note in Criminological Theory are the sections examining the development of Marxist criminology and feminist perspectives on crime. The book concludes with a section on current theories of aging out and quitting crime.

High-interest topics include:

  • Deterrence and Rational Choice Theories
  • The Search for the Criminal Man
  • Interactionism and Phenomenology
  • The Rejection of Individualism
  • Conflict Theories and Radical Criminologies

The unique approach of Criminological Theory gives students the opportunity to engage the material both critically and analytically, and the diversity of the material provides a thorough, well-rounded examination of the topic.

Sarah Catherine Yercich earned her MS in Applied Criminology at Northern Arizona University, where she is an adjunct faculty member in the Department of Criminology and Criminal Justice. Professor Yercich teaches Criminology and a variety of other courses. She has worked, studied, and conducted research in the criminal justice field for the last eight years. Her research focus areas include women and fear of victimization, domestic violence, juvenile justice, women’s issues, and related topics within critical criminology.