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Contemporary Readings in Crime Control Strategy

(Revised Edition)
Edited by Gregory Thompson

Paperback ISBN: 978-1-93555-194-2, 216 pages


The readings in this collection are bound by a singular purpose: identifying effective strategies to reduce and prevent crime on America's streets and in her neighborhoods. For frontline law enforcement this is a central mission - a mission increasingly informed by the findings of social science. What strategies work? Which ones don't and why? The answers are found in the methods and measures of social science. Because criminal justice professionals rely on their findings, the work of today's social scientists carries special responsibility. Crime control is no ivory tower exercise. It requires going to those dark places in society where urban crime has its roots. This book is about shining light into those dark places.

Among more content, Contemporary Readings in Crime Control Strategy includes:

  • Criminal justice research methods
  • Criminal statistics and the extent of crime
  • Police and neighborhood safety
  • Excellence in problem-oriented policing
  • Evidence-based policing
  • Targeting career criminals with DNA evidence
  • Reorienting crime prevention research and policy
  • Genetic factors and criminal behavior
  • Evaluation research and policy analysis


An adjunct instructor in criminal justice at San Diego State University, Gregory Thompson serves as Senior Policy Advisor to the Sheriff of San Diego County, a jurisdiction situated against an international border renowned for human and drug trafficking. Thompson previously served as San Diego County's Director of Forensic Services, responsible for a full-service crime laboratory and crime scene investigations. He has extensive experience in the development of crime control strategies, including violence against women and children. The only Californian to serve in the top appointed position of three urban District Attorneys'offices — Sacramento, San Diego, and Los Angeles — Thompson is known as an advocate for balancing targeted enforcement efforts with intervention and prevention strategies.