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An Investigator

An Investigator's Guide to Organized Crime

(First Edition)
By Clint E Osowski

Paperback ISBN: 978-1-63189-689-7, 154 pages


An Investigator's Guide to Organized Crime gives readers the kind of real-world knowledge that professional investigators use to conduct investigations into organized crime. Designed to serve as both a textbook and a guidebook for investigative field work, the text focuses on information that will be immediately applicable in the working world.

The book begins with a general overview of the globalization of organized crime. Each chapter that follows is devoted to a specific topic beginning with common state violations that are associated with participation in organized crime. Students learn about racketeering and corruption, criminal organizations including street, prison, and outlaw motorcycle gangs, and trafficking in humans, drugs, and firearms. There are also chapters on money laundering, criminal intelligence, common federal statutes related to organized crime, and the process of conducting a criminal investigation.

Written for pre-professional law enforcement officials, An Investigator's Guide to Organized Crime is well-suited to courses in criminal justice programs. The book is also an excellent training and reference guide for those already in the field.

Clint E. Osowski is a former customs inspector and investigator for the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms. He holds a Ph.D. in human services with a specialization in criminal justice from Walden University in Minneapolis and is now an assistant professor of criminal justice at Texas A&M International University. Dr. Osowski teaches courses on financial and criminal investigations, police systems and practices, white collar crime, and organized crime, and he has written extensively on Mexican drug trafficking organizations and cross-border violence.