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Introduction to Communication StudiesEdited by Robert A. Brookey and Betty H. La France
    Print $144.95 $115.95

Introduction to Communication Studies

Traditional and Contemporary Readings
Edited by Robert A. Brookey and Betty H. La France

Paperback ISBN: 978-1-60927-143-5, 330 pages


Introduction to Communication Studies: Traditional and Contemporary Readings introduces students to foundational works in the discipline, yet includes the exciting contemporary research which is producing new knowledge about the way humans communicate. This anthology has a fresh approach to the Communication Theory survey class. Rather than giving the usual brief, broad overview of a large number of theories, readings in Introduction to Communication Studies focus on traditional and contemporary touchstones that have made significant contributions to the field of communication.

The book provides students with theoretical and methodological exemplars of communication research, and allows students to learn about these exemplars from the original sources. While focusing on specific readings and their impact on how communication is studied, the book takes an interdisciplinary approach to the actual reading selections. These include readings on rhetoric, media studies, interpersonal, small group and organizational communication. The material addresses topics ranging from relationship development to video-games. Selections include the work of Charles R. Berger, Richard J. Calabrese, Karlyn Kohrs Campbell, John Fiske, Marie Hochmuth Nicols, Sarah Tracey and Erik King Watts. Introduction to Communication Studies: Traditional and Contemporary Readings gives students a well-rounded, thorough, and engaging introduction to the topic.

Robert Alan Brookey Ph.D., University of Minnesota, is a Professor in the Department of Communication at Northern Illinois University where he teaches classes in rhetoric and media, as well as an Introduction to Communication Studies course for which this book is designed. He has published two books and over 25 articles and book chapters. His most recent book, Hollywood Gamers: Digital Convergence in the Film and Video Game Industries was published by Indiana University Press. He has served on the editorial boards of Critical Studies in Media Communication, The Journal of International and Intercultural Communication, and The Western Journal of Communication.