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Effective Negotiation and Conflict Resolution in Today

Effective Negotiation and Conflict Resolution in Today's Environment

A Reader (First Edition)
Timothy Grainey

Paperback ISBN: 978-1-5165-1341-3, 350 pages


The carefully curated articles in Effective Negotiation and Conflict Resolution in Today's Environment: A Reader introduce students to theoretical approaches and practice suggestions regarding effective strategies for negotiating successfully and resolving conflict. Organized into four units, the text consistently emphasizes the importance of research and planning, as well the need for flexibility.

Unit 1 analyzes key negotiation concepts. Unit 2 examines negotiation in cross-cultural settings. Unit 3 discusses business and organizational negotiations, while Unit 4 focuses on conflict resolution including direct and indirect confrontations and methods for salvaging failing situations. The articles present a variety of examples and settings, ranging from the automotive industry to international business to hostage situations. Each unit includes an original introduction and pre-reading key terms and concepts, as well as post-reading questions and activities.

Dedicated to giving readers a fully applicable understanding of how to plan, manage, and successfully conclude a negotiation that leaves both sides satisfied and willing to work together again, Effective Negotiation and Conflict Resolution in Today's Environment is well-suited to courses in persuasion, conflict resolution, negotiation, and international business.

Timothy Grainey, who pursued his Ph.D. coursework in communication research at the University of Minnesota, is a faculty member at Arizona State University. Professor Grainey teaches courses in conflict and negotiation, small group communication, and organizational communication. In addition to his work with the university, he is the managing member of Strategic Research Initiatives, a full-service market research agency. Professor Grainey has contributed articles to The Encoder, the Journal of Personality Assessment, and the Journalism Quarterly. He is the author of the book Communicating in Teams and Beyond Bend It Like Beckham: The Global Phenomena of Women’s Soccer.