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Communication WarsDaniel Walsch

Communication Wars

Our Internal Perpetual Conflict (First Edition)
By Daniel Walsch

Paperback ISBN: 978-1-62131-473-8, 140 pages


Communication Wars: Our Internal Perpetual Conflict looks at the fundamental needs that drive us as human beings, and explores how those needs help determine the way we communicate. Rather than focusing on public relations and communication as strategies for promoting a product or representing a client, the book examines them on a very human, day-to-day level as they appear through the lens of history.

Part I of the book deals with the theoretical aspect of communication. It examines communication in a historical context, beginning with national independence, and focuses on specific theories of mass communication including the Magic Bullet Theory, Diffusion Theory, and the Shannon-Weaver Model of Communication. This section also discusses behavior and communication, and introduces specific theorists such as Abraham Maslow and Edward Bernays. Part II revisits events and eras to apply these various theories, using them to enhance understanding of the role communication plays in our interpretation of history. Part III introduces Mutual Adjustment Theory, and Part IV charts possible courses for the future in educational reform and leadership training.

Communication Wars highlights the practicality of public relations in our daily lives, and demonstrates how communication theories can be applied to our shared past. The book is a strong complement to standard public relations and communications textbooks.

Daniel Walsch earned his Ph.D. in communication at George Mason University, where he currently teaches in the university's communication department. During his time at George Mason he has also served in the Office of University Relations as the director of media relations, the executive director of university relations, and the press secretary. Dr. Walsch has been recognized as Outstanding Supervisor and the Adjunct Instructor of the Year. In addition to his work with the university he maintains a blog on the importance of communication.

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