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Argumentation and Critical ThoughtKevin Kuswa and Cameron Sublett

Argumentation and Critical Thought

An Introduction to Advocacy, Reasoning, and Debate (First Edition)
By Kevin Kuswa and Cameron Sublett

Paperback ISBN: 978-1-5165-0016-1, 192 pages


Developed for introductory courses in argumentation and advocacy, Argumentation and Critical Thought: An Introduction to Advocacy, Reasoning, and Debate introduces students to argumentation as a theory and as a practice. It clearly explains key concepts of argumentation and places it within the context of the larger field of communication studies.

The emphasis is on critical theory and rhetoric as ways to ground the practical elements of formal debate. This encompasses ethos, pathos, logos, critical theory, notions of subjectivity, and social change, all of which are addressed in the text. The text also addresses the canons of rhetoric, the Toulmin diagram, logic and reason, and competitive debate and strategic research. Each chapter includes targeted learning activities to support self-assessment, and enhance comprehension and retention.

Argumentation and Critical Thought: An Introduction to Advocacy, Reasoning, and Debate makes its subject matter both accessible and challenging. The textbook's blend of theory and practice, fundamentals, and critical thinking, as well as its exploration of all the intricacies of argumentation and advocacy, make it an ideal teaching and learning tool for any undergraduate course in debate or critical thinking.

Kevin Kuswa holds a Ph.D. in communication studies and rhetoric from the University of Texas, Austin. He has been involved in nationwide debate pedagogy and coaching for over twenty years. He won the national debate tournament for Georgetown University, coached the national championship team for Dartmouth College, and is currently the head coach at Berkeley Preparatory School in Tampa, Florida.
Cameron Sublett is an assistant professor at Santa Barbara City College, where he also serves as the director of Argumentation and Debate and Public Address. His research and writing focuses on education policy and leadership as well as political communication.