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From Classic to ContemporaryOrit Tamir

From Classic to Contemporary

Readings in Applied Sociocultural Anthropology (First Edition)
Written and edited by Orit Tamir

Paperback ISBN: 978-1-5165-0564-7, 278 pages


The anthology From Classic to Contemporary: Readings in Applied Sociocultural Anthropology features both classic and contemporary selections with an up-to-date applied perspective. Thoughtfully selected, the readings first introduce students to the discipline of anthropology and its origins, as well as its four distinct subfields. This foundational information prepares readers for the subsequent nine chapters.

Students are introduced to the concept of culture and both theory and method in anthropological studies. They become familiar with linguistic anthropology and cross-cultural communication. They learn about applied anthropology as it relates to studies of family, kinship, and marriage, ecology and the environment, beliefs and practices, and issues of globalization. The book includes questions for comprehension and discussion.

From Classic to Contemporary has been designed to serve equally well as a stand-alone text or a supplemental reader. With selections that are high-interest, yet appropriate for those new to the study of the discipline, it is ideal introductory courses.

Orit Tamir earned her Ph.D. at Arizona State University and is now a professor of anthropology at New Mexico Highlands University. Dr. Tamir is an applied sociocultural anthropologist, and specializes in Native Americans of the American southwest region. Her interests include resettlement and development, medical anthropology, and beliefs and practices. She was also engaged in ethnographic cultural resource management work among various Southwestern Native American tribes, and among Japanese-Americans who survived the WWII internment camps. Dr. Tamir is a fellow of the Society for Applied Anthropology.