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Always ConnectedJohn Mark Dempsey
    Print $114.95 $91.95

Always Connected

The Power of Broadcasting and Social Media (Revised First Edition)
Edited by John Mark Dempsey

Paperback ISBN: 978-1-63189-010-9, 292 pages


Always Connected is an excellent set of resources for anyone interested in discussions about the power of media. Rather than a collection of academic articles, John Dempsey chose articles drawn from authors who address these issues in everyday media. The articles are accessible, easy to read, and offer a variety of perspectives on media power. This collection provides an excellent foundation for engaging students about these topics. In addition, the readings offer insight about how the media covers topics about its own power and influence. Always Connected is an excellent choice for any teacher who wants students to engage and discuss issues of media power. Also, it is an excellent supplemental reader for those classes that seek to bridge theory with common thought about media power.Michael Brown, Professor, University of Wyoming

The anthology Always Connected helps students become knowledgeable consumers of electronic media.

This selection of recent articles on current issues and developments in broadcasting and electronic media speaks to students' interest in the social and cultural impact of electronic media, and addresses the influence such media have on everyday life.

The topics include social media, reality TV, censorship, and social isolation. By exploring these and other subjects, students begin to think critically about the role the media plays in such wide-ranging areas as individual materialism, changes in family values, the obsession with fame, and children's food choices.

Introductory summaries of each reading prepare students to engage fully with the material and consider the topic deeply. The book includes questions that can be used for classroom discussions or as writing assignments.

Always Connected can be used in lower-division courses in communication and media studies, and is appropriate for those majoring in the field, as well as non-majors.

John Mark Dempsey earned his Ph.D. at Texas A&M University. Currently Dr. Dempsey is an associate professor of radio-television at Texas A&M University-Commerce, where he also serves as head of the Department of Mass Media, Communication, and Theatre. In addition to his career in academia, Dr. Dempsey has worked in radio broadcasting for over thirty years, and has been a radio news anchor and producer for the Texas State Network in Dallas since 1998. His books include Eddie Barker's Notebook: Stories that Made the News (and Some Better Ones That Didn't), The Light Crust Doughboys Are On the Air!, and Sports Talk Radio in America: Its Context and Culture.