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A Social Psychology Research Experience Jennifer Harman and Justin Lehmiller

A Social Psychology Research Experience

(Second Revised Edition)
By Jennifer J. Harman and Justin J. Lehmiller

Perforated Paperback ISBN: 978-1-62661-912-8, 320 pages


The text has been great in terms of helping to make the class more interactive...I had the best class discussion I've ever had about ethics. The text does a great job walking students through the research process, and helping them to learn about the different options of measuring variables.
– Nancy Frye, PhD, Department of Psychology, Long Island University

A Social Psychology Research Experience is a workbook that offers students a hands-on introduction to how social psychologists develop and test their research questions. Used in conjunction with a comprehensive instructor’s manual, this workbook includes skill building and interactive group activities that lead students through hypothesis generation, experimental design, the institutional review process, data analysis, writing, and dissemination of their research findings. Students also learn about and gain experience using diverse data collection methodologies, such as priming procedures, psychophysiological measures, surveys, and behavioral observation.

Developed by two experimental social psychologists with several years of combined experience teaching and supervising undergraduate student research, this is a truly unique workbook; it covers the entire research experience in detail, while other comparable books tend to only focus on specific parts of the process, such as experimental design or data analysis.

Teaching Resources
Adopting instructors will have access to a test bank, PowerPoint slides, an instructor's manual as well as documents and handouts to use in class.

Dr. Jennifer J. Harman received her Ph.D. at the University of Connecticut in Social Psychology with a certificate in quantitative methods in 2005, and is currently an associate professor of applied social and health psychology at Colorado State University. She has developed and taught many undergraduate and graduate psychology courses for both traditional classroom offering and on-line learning environments. Her research specifically examines relationship behaviors that put people at risk for physical and psychological health problems (e.g., sexual risk taking, communication problems), and she directly trains many undergraduate students on the research process in her laboratory. Learn more about Dr. Harman at
Dr. Justin J. Lehmiller received his Ph.D. in social psychology from Purdue University in 2008, and is currently the director of the Social Psychology Graduate Program at Ball State University. Dr. Lehmiller is an accomplished educator, having been honored with the Certificate of Teaching Excellence three times from Harvard University. He is also a prolific scholar and has published over 30 pieces of scientific writing to date spanning a range of topics, including secret romantic relationships, friends with benefits, casual sex, and sexual health. In addition, Dr. Lehmiller runs a popular blog entitled Sex and Psychology.