Becoming Civilized?

A History of the Western World to 1600 (First Edition)
By Graham Wrightson
Paperback, 502 pages
ISBN: 978-1-5165-1470-0 ©2018
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Becoming Civilized?

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    Becoming Civilized? A History of the Western World to 1600 traces the history of the western world through primary sources that reveal to readers what each society or culture thought of as civilized behavior or a civilized way of life. Readers will see how views of civilized behavior changed over time and across cultures, yet retained certain common elements and themes.

    Becoming Civilized teaches students much more than key terms, events, dates, places, and people. Through thoughtful evaluation and interpretation of visual and written sources, the material also teaches students that history is more than a collection of facts. By asking them to consider the very definition of civilization and how it is manifested, it teaches them that the study of history involves interpreting and weighing historical evidence.

    Developed for basic history survey courses, Becoming Civilized provides readers with the basic building blocks of history, while also helping them develop their abilities to engage in detailed analysis and critical thinking. Becoming Civilized is an excellent instructional tool for courses in western civilization or surveys of European history before 1600.

    Born in the United Kingdom, Graham Wrightson earned his undergraduate degree at Cambridge University and his Ph.D. in Greek and Near East history at the University of Calgary. Dr. Wrightson is now an assistant professor of history at South Dakota State University, where he regularly teaches courses on western civilization, ancient Greece and Rome, medieval Europe, and women in antiquity. His research interests include the military and Hellenism in Greek history, Roman Republican history, military manuals, and conquest societies. Dr. Wrightson is a member of the Association of Ancient Historians and the Society for Classical Studies.