Basic and Practical Microbiology Lab Manual

(First Edition)
Mette Prætorius Ibba and Katherine Elasky
Perforated Paperback, 342 pages
ISBN: 978-1-5165-0510-4 ©2017
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Basic and Practical Microbiology Lab Manual

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    Cognella Active Learning is available with this title

    Cognella Active Learning
    is available with this title.
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    Basic and Practical Microbiology Lab Manual uses clear, concise text and outstanding visuals to guide students through exercises that enhance their understanding of microbes. Students learn about the role these diverse, amazing, organisms play in our lives and environment, and gain a deeper understanding of the concepts of cultivation, identification, and control of microbial growth.

    Organized into seven modules, each featuring several laboratory exercises, the manual provides up-to-date exercises on microbial diversity and ubiquity, cultivating and staining cells for microscopy, bacterial metabolism, identifying unknown bacteria, controlling bacterial growth, symbiosis, immunology, and epidemiology. The written text engages students through real-world examples and practices, while easy-to-follow diagrams and figures help students complete the laboratory exercises with confidence.

    Basic and Practical Microbiology Lab Manual includes a supplementary online component which offers videos of basic techniques, flashcards, games, and quizzes that prepare students for in-class tests. Designed for introductory courses at the college level, the book is ideal for the laboratory component of lecture courses in microbiology for both majors and non-majors.

    Mette Prætorius Ibba, who holds a Ph.D. in genetics from the University of Copenhagen, Denmark, is an assistant professor in the Department of Microbiology at The Ohio State University, and laboratory coordinator of two introductory/general microbiology courses. Dr. Ibba's writing has been featured in numerous professional journals including Cancer Research, DNA Repair, Biochemistry, and Molecular Microbiology.
    Katherine Elasky earned her B.S. in biology at The Ohio State University. A laboratory teaching assistant for basic and practical microbiology, she gives laboratory lecture presentations and collaborates with the laboratory coordinator to produce manuals, PowerPoint presentations, and supplemental material for graduate teaching assistants.
    Textbook with Active Learning code ISBN: 978-1-5165-4623-7
    Active Learning ISBN: 978-1-5165-1320-8

    Cognella Active Learning is available for this title! Adopting instructors can provide students with dynamic online learning activities that reinforce key concepts from the text, provide engaging educational experiences, support various learning styles, and make coursework fun. Please note: students must purchase the Cognella Active Learning component to access the course activities online.

    Cognella Active Learning activities for this title include:

    • 12 pre-lab quizzes and 8 module quizzes, totaling more than 500 questions
    • 8 video lessons and tutorials that provide a demonstration of technique and help prepare students for lab activities
    • Clear objectives for each module that can be used to create student learning objectives
    • Digital flashcards to help students learn and drill key terminology
    • 7 study tool games to reinforce key concepts and help students prepare for quizzes
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