Art Appreciation

An Introduction to the Formal Elements and Mediums (First Edition)
Dave Plouffe
Paperback, 294 pages
ISBN: 978-1-63487-937-8 ©2018
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Art Appreciation

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    Written for those who are new to the study of art, Art Appreciation: An Introduction to the Formal Elements and Mediums familiarizes readers with foundational concepts of art appreciation and teaches them all they need to know in order to consider and discuss what artists create. The book concentrates on the formal elements and mediums, and introduces art-related vocabulary commonly used by artists and art historians.

    The accessible content is organized into four primary units. In the first section, students begin with an introduction and learn how art functions within the public sphere. The second section discusses the formal elements of art including line, space, color, motion, and pattern and texture. It also addresses balance, emphasis and focal point, and scale, repetition, and unity. The third section explores various art mediums such as drawing, printmaking, painting, photography, sculpture, and architecture. In the final section students are introduced to specific time periods of the renaissance and modern art era as well as a chapter devoted exclusively to Vincent van Gogh.

    Featuring an extensive glossary for easy reference and devoted to necessary fundamentals in the discipline, Art Appreciation is ideal for art survey courses, art history, and introductory art appreciation.

    Dave Plouffe holds a master's degree in art with a specialization in art history from California State University, Fullerton where he is now a faculty member. He has also taught at the University of La Verne and Chaffey College. His areas of interest are modern and contemporary art and art history. He has taught courses in art appreciation, the history of modern art, contemporary art, and survey classes: prehistory through the middle ages and renaissance to contemporary. In addition to teaching, he served as an exhibition technician and a collections administrator for the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.