Adventures of a Dean

A Primer on Business School Management (First Edition)
By Dr. Howard Frank
Paperback, 228 pages
ISBN: 978-1-62131-529-2 ©2013
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Adventures of a Dean
Adventures of a Dean

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    Adventures of a Dean: A Primer on Business School Management examines the interpersonal, professional, and financial aspects of being a dean, and illustrates how politics continually impacts a dean's goals and strategies.

    Adventures of a Dean is both autobiography and textbook, chronicling author Howard Frank's eleven years as dean of the Smith School, during which time he doubled its facilities, quadrupled its revenues, added over one hundred faculty members, and led the school to the top ten in the world in research.

    Beginning with the university's search for a dean, the book moves on to detail all aspects of the actual work done by the dean. This starts with forming a plan to increase enrollment, and encompasses such critical tasks as dealing with accreditation, creating a financial model, improving teaching quality, and maintaining successful relationships with all parts of a campus. Readers will learn about major challenges facing a top-level university administrator, such as developing international programs, and minor ones, such as dealing with a campus catering monopoly. This inside view is both engaging and informative.

    Adventures of a Dean is a candid discussion of the opportunities and the risks facing deans, as well as a lesson in business school financial planning and strategy.

    Howard Frank, Ph.D., is a professor of management sciences at the University of Maryland. From 1997 to 2008 he served as the dean of the Robert H. Smith School of Business, doubling the size of the school, increasing its revenues four-fold, and leading the school to the top ten in the world of research. Dr. Frank has also served as director of the Defense Advanced Research Project Agency's Information Technology Office, and as the Chief Executive Officer of three technology companies. He has been a member of the board of directors of public, private, and non-profit corporations. Dr. Frank is a Fellow of the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers, and a member of the National Academy of Engineering. He was awarded the Distinguished Service Medal, the Defense Department's highest civilian honor, by the Secretary of Defense.
    Howard Frank minces no words in describing in often hilarious prose the illogical structures and processes in upper administration at universities. Entrepreneurial business school deans can relate well to this book, and can take lessons from how Dean Frank resolves, nay dissolved, many of the issues.
    —G. "Anand" Anandalingam, Dean, Robert H. Smith School of Business

    Part tragedy, comedy, epic journey and expose, this entertaining story tells how a brilliant visionary leader transformed Maryland's Smith School of Business into one of the world's best. Howard pulls no punches. I was there, and all of it is true.
    —Roland T. Rust, Distinguished University Professor and David Bruce Smith Chair in Marketing

    Dr. Frank is frank indeed! An eye-opening tour de force delivered with brutal honesty and wry good humor. A must-read for anyone who aspires to survive and succeed within the mendacious cloisters of academia (or just about anywhere else, for that matter).
    —John Wareham, Leadership Selection & Development Consultant, author of The President’s Therapist and The Anatomy of a Great Executive.