A Stroll through Calculus

A Guide for the Merely Curious (First Edition)
By Anthony Barcellos
Spiral Bound, 212 pages
ISBN: 978-1-63487-179-2 ©2015
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A Stroll through Calculus

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    A Stroll through Calculus: A Guide for the Merely Curious helps students fully understand calculus and successfully grasp its concepts. The foundational premise is that calculus is, at its most basic, about measuring things and how fast they change. The material gives non-majors an appreciation for calculus and teaches them its importance without the formal proofs needed only by math majors.

    In clear, concise chapters the text familiarizes students with concepts such as the area of a rectangle, notation, and polynomials. It introduces the fundamentals discovered by Newton and Leibniz and their varied applications. Students are encouraged to engage in participatory reading by referring to the examples in the chapters and then checking each step independently.

    A Stroll through Calculus is designed to supplement instruction in calculus, science, and education classes for non-math majors. It is an excellent learning tool for students in engineering, pre-medical studies, and the social sciences. It can also be used in pre-service teaching programs for educators who will need a solid background for math units they will teach.

    Anthony Barcellos holds a Ph.D. from the University of California, Davis. Dr. Barcellos is a professor of mathematics at American River College in Sacramento, California, where he has taught courses in algebra, computational mathematics, trigonometry, calculus, and statistics. In addition to teaching, Dr. Barcellos has also served as the Chair of the Mathematics Department and on the Academic Senate. He is the co-author (with Sherman K. Stein) of Calculus and Analytic Geometry, published by McGraw-Hill. Dr. Barcellos is also the author of Land of Milk and Money: A Novel, published by Tagus Press.
    Adopting instructors will receive exercises to accompany the text.
    Given its subject matter, it is amazing how easy and approachable this calculus book is. I have taught Calculus for almost 20 years, and even I was able to learn something new by reading A Stroll through Calculus. Dr. Barcellos’ ability to introduce the different calculus topics and connect them altogether in such a natural way is simply a work of art. —Martha Martinez, professor of calculus, Palomar College

    It is a lovely book, and I am sure that it will introduce many people to the beauty and utility of calculus. [Barcellos] is a terrific writer. —John Thoo, professor of mathematics, Yuba College

    The beginning of your book states, "calculus is about measuring things and how fast they change". It is an outstanding statement. Actually, calculus is very important and very useful; however, it is challenging and hard for many students to learn. … [Barcellos’] approach and writing style are different from some regular calculus textbooks, I am sure that many students will find that it is very helpful to them to learn calculus. — Xin-Ran Duan at American River College