A Solution to Solutions

A Practical Guide to Understanding and Preparing Solutions in Biological Chemistry (First Edition)
By T. Michelle Jones-Wilson
Paperback, 166 pages
ISBN: 978-1-63487-800-5 ©2017
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A Solution to Solutions

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    A Solution to Solutions: A Practical Guide to Understanding and Preparing Solutions in Biological Chemistry teaches students the background and theory of laboratory calculations and practices, provides clear instructions and examples to help complete specific calculations, and gives students confidence in their laboratory skills.

    Students learn terminology, concentration units, and how to convert units. They study basic chemistry, chemical equilibria, multicomponent assays, laboratory measurements, and the dangers of “rough handling” in the lab. Chapters and subchapters are divided into sections focusing on specific tasks. Math anxiety is reduced by a clear, concise review of basic algebra and the necessary logarithms. Laboratory exercises feature success tips and calculation exercises include a “reality check” component that encourages students to consider whether or not their calculations make real-world sense.

    A Solution to Solutions is a class-tested, accessible, and student-friendly resource that provides all the skills necessary to survive and succeed in laboratory work. It is well-suited to biology, chemistry, and biochemistry laboratory courses, particularly those at level 200 and above.

    T. Michelle Jones-Wilson earned her Ph.D. in radiopharmaceutical chemistry at Washington University in St. Louis where she was both a Louderman and a Harris fellow. As a National Institutes of Health fellow, Dr. Jones-Wilson went on to complete a postdoctoral appointment at the Malinkrodt Institute of Radiology before beginning her academic career. She is currently an associate professor and director of the biological chemistry program at East Stroudsburg University of Pennsylvania. Dr. Jones-Wilson's recent research has focused on the scholarship of teaching and learning in the sciences and watershed monitoring and analysis in the Pocono Mountains.