A Handbook on Aging

A Multidisciplinary Perspective with Critical Readings (First Edition)
Edited by Gregory J. Harris
Paperback, 346 pages
ISBN: 978-1-5165-1255-3 ©2018
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A Handbook on Aging

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    A Handbook on Aging: A Multidisciplinary Perspective with Critical Readings presents research and scholarly readings on the experiences of older adults and the challenges they face. The anthology includes works from a variety of disciplines that serve to highlight the diversity and complexity of these issues in contemporary society.

    The text is organized into seven broad units, each featuring multiple chapters on topics including general perspectives and concepts related to aging, the various dimensions of aging, family caregiver experiences and challenges, interpersonal relationships, sexuality, and gender dynamics in aging, health, and the future of aging. All units have original introductions and conclusions that place the readings in a broader context, and question sets to use for in-class discussions or as writing prompts. A portion of the book is devoted to solution-driven interventions and policies that focus on positive aspects of aging and improved well-being.

    Broad in scope, thoughtful in coverage, and highly illuminating, A Handbook on Aging is an excellent resource for scholars, advanced undergraduates, graduate students, policy-makers, and practitioners in the fields of gerontology, social work, psychology, and family science.

    Gregory J. Harris earned his Ph.D. in human development and family science at Florida State University. He is now the university's Assistant Dean of Academic Affairs in the College of Human Science and a faculty member in the Department of Family and Child Sciences. Dr. Harris has been published in Aging Today and the American Journal of Health Studies. His research has been supported by grants from the State of Florida Office of Drug Control, the Florida Department of Juvenile Justice, and the United States Department of Health and Human Services.