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Business Statistics

Course in a Box (Second Edition)
Stephen Silver

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Business Statistics
Business Statistics

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    Business Statistics: Course in a Box is a comprehensive online course that introduces students to key concepts and practices in business statistics. Engaging video lectures and detailed how-to videos guide students through the material, and assignments and quizzes help them build and test their knowledge.

    The course features six online learning units. Unit 1 presents students with an introduction to the field of statistics and provides them with information on critical calculations and sampling theory and techniques. In Unit 2, students become familiar with probability theory, including Venn diagrams, conditional probability theory, and Bayes’ law. Unit 3 focuses on discrete and continuous probability distributions and density functions, and Unit 4 presents the central limit theorem and its applications, including confidence intervals for and hypothesis tests of the population mean and proportion. In Unit 5, students learn to conduct hypothesis tests of the differences of means and proportions, the analysis of variance test for more than two populations, and the Chi-square test of independence. The final unit covers OLS regression analysis and the test of correlation.

    Providing students with an immersive and complete online learning experience, Business Statistics is ideal for foundational courses in the field.

    Units and topics covered in the course include:

    Unit 1: Introduction to Statistics; Calculations; Sampling
    • Lesson 1: Introduction to Statistics
    • Lesson 2: Measures of Location and Spread
    • Lesson 3: Sampling Theory and Techniques
    • Lesson 4: Why Use Statistics?

    • Unit 2: Probability Theory and Applications
      • Lesson 1: Probability Theory and the Venn Diagram
      • Lesson 2: Conditional Probability and Applications
      • Lesson 3: Bayes' Law and Applications

      • Unit 3: Probability Distributions
        • Lesson 1: Generic Probability Distribution
        • Lesson 2: The Binomial Distribution
        • Lesson 3: The Poisson Distribution
        • Lesson 4: Two Continuous Distributions
        • Lesson 5: Approximation to the Binomial
        • Lesson 6: The Exponential Distribution

        • Unit 4: Central Limit Theorem and Applications
          • Lesson 1: The Central Limit Theorem (CLT) and Applications
          • Lesson 2: The Hypothesis Test of the Mean and Proportion for One Population

          • Unit 5: HT of Differences of Means and the Chi-square Test of Independence
            • Lesson 1: Theory of the Differences of Means and Proportions for Two Populations
            • Lesson 2: HT on Differences of Means and Proportions for Two Populations; Large Samples
            • Lesson 3: HT on Differences of Means for Two Populations; Small Samples
            • Lesson 4: Paired Difference Test of Means
            • Lesson 5: Analysis of Variance Test
            • Lesson 6: Chi-square Test

            • Unit 6: OLS Regression Analysis and Test of Correlation
              • Lesson 1: Simple OLS Regression
              • Lesson 2: Multiple Regression OLS Model

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    Stephen Silver received his Ph.D. in economics from the University of Maryland at College Park. He is a professor emeritus of business administration at the Citadel and previously taught classes in economics and business-related subjects at Bentley College and VMI. Dr. Silver was a Fulbright visiting professor of economics in Cameroon from 1994 – 1995, an adjunct instructor of finance in Webster University’s MBA program in Shanghai in the fall of 2002, and an adjunct instructor in operation management in Chengdu, Sichuan, China in 2009. Besides statistics, his fields of interest are macroeconomic policy, international business, international finance, and economic forecasting. Professor Silver has published articles in the Journal of Political Economy, the Southern Economic Journal, and the International Journal of Production Research, among others.
    The Cognella Active Learning content for Business Statistics: Course in a Box includes:

    • 6 sets of interactive flashcards, one for each unit
    • 6 sets of lecture notes, one for each unit
    • 29 recorded lecture videos, accompanied by PowerPoint presentations, which cover each of the 29 lessons within the course
    • 16 how-to videos provide step-by-step demonstrations of how to solve the mathematic and formula-based problems within the course
    • Exercises help students applying what they are learning through the courses; students are instructed to plug the answers to these exercises into the statistics template provided to see if their answers are correct
    • Accompanying exercise videos demonstrate how to properly use the statistics template to self-check answers; these videos work through the example or examples given at the end of each lesson
    • 20 sets of pre- and post-lesson quizzes help students test their knowledge throughout the course; these quizzes are graded automatically
    • 23 formal quizzes can be used for homework assignments, extra practice, or scored assessments
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    Watch the video created by Stephen Silver to learn more about Business Statistics and receive a video demonstration of key course features.